Amazing Lottery and EuroMillions Stories from Around the World

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Amazing Lottery and EuroMillions Stories from Around the World

It is the dream of every lottery and EuroMillions player, to one day win the jackpot and to live a life of luxury without a financial-based care in the world. Every single week, those of us that play the lottery or EuroMillions, will eagerly anticipate that night’s draw. Even though we know the odds are hugely stacked against us, there’s still a small part of us that is convinced that we’ll one day scoop the jackpot and win an astonishing amount of money in the process. Sometimes lottery stories have Fairy tale endings, and sometimes they’re the stuff that pure nightmares are made of. The stories you’re about to read are a combination of: Happy, sad, frustrating, amazing, and downright unbelievable.

Technology sucks

Modern technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last decade. We now rely on the internet and technology for all kinds of everyday essentials. Whereas in the past, if you wanted to purchase a lottery ticket you had to get up off your sofa and make your way to the nearest shop, now you can purchase your tickets online if you wish. One couple in the UK did that, or so they thought, and they lost £35 Million. David and Edwina Nylan attempted to purchase a lottery ticket online. The app however, didn’t register the purchase and the transaction wasn’t complete. They chose all six winning numbers, but because the transaction didn’t register, there is no record of them buying the winning ticket. So, the next time you think you’re having a bad day, just thank your lucky stars you don’t have to go through what the Nylans went through.

Odds don’t mean everything

Your chances of winning the lottery jackpot once are astonishing. To do so twice however, is surely virtually impossible? Well, not if you’re Kathleen Mackenzie and David Long from Scunthorpe. This lucky couple won £1 Million twice, in the space of two years. That’s right, in the space of two years they scooped £2 Million! The first million came in 2013, whereas the second million came in 2015.

Keep your ticket safe

We’ve looked at how modern technology can sometimes come back to bite you in the behind, but so too can good old-fashioned paper if you don’t keep it safe. The Totts, a married couple from Watford, were unfortunate enough to lose a lottery ticket worth £3 Million. The couple searched high and low but couldn’t locate the ticket. You can report lost tickets to Camelot, if you do so within 30 days of purchasing the ticket. Officials were satisfied that they were telling the truth about having purchased the ticket, but because they left it longer than 30 days to speak to the officials, there was sadly nothing that could be done. This couple lost out on a £3 Million jackpot through carelessness so for goodness sakes, please keep your tickets safe.

Lucky stars

In 2013, two Dartford friends purchased a EuroMillions ticket after one of the girls’ mothers read their horoscopes and told them that they were both in for a large windfall. Feeling lucky, the two young women chipped in half each to buy a EuroMillions ticket and won £336,000.