The Curse of the Lottery

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When we think of the lottery, a lot of us see it as the cure for all of our woes. Now, if your troubles are purely financial then unless you’re in incredibly serious debt, a lottery win may indeed be the solution. For many people however, their troubles go way beyond financial issues. When this is the case, a lottery win may actually be a curse rather than a blessing. Over here, we’ve seen our fair share of lottery tragedy stories, with the ‘lotto lout’ Michael Carroll being one of the most infamous examples. The sad reality however, is that there have been a lot of tragic cases and series of events brought about by individuals winning the lottery. Here’s a look at the curse of the lottery, as we cover some of the more tragic stories associated with lottery winners across the globe.

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Abraham Shakespeare – Back in 2006, a man residing in Florida by the name of Abraham Shakespeare won himself a cool $17 Million. You’d think then, that he would lead a happy and fulfilling life for years to come? Sadly, 3 days after receiving his winnings he was killed. A conwoman by the name of DeeDee Moore set her sights on his money and managed to con him out of $2 Million before organizing his killing. The evil woman and her boyfriend killed him and buried him in a wooded area not far from his home. Thankfully both pieces of work were arrested and charged, and sent to prison.

Ibi Roncaioli – Ibi Roncaioli was originally born in Hungary, but moved to Ontario at a young age. She lived with her husband whom she had been with for more than 30 years. He was a doctor and between them they lived very comfortably financially. Behind closed doors however, all was not well. Ibi and her husband were miserable with each other. They would argue, they resented each other, and Ibi developed an alcohol addiction as a result. In 1991 however, Ibi won $5 Million on the lottery. Ibi however, illegally signed a series of bank documents that would allow her to transfer the winnings into her own personal bank account. She gave much of the money to her three children, of which only one was her husband’s. Her husband Joseph, learned of her betrayal and injected her with a toxic dosage of drugs, presumably obtained from his practice. She died in 2003, and in 2008, Joseph was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years behind bars.

Gerald Muswagon – In 1998, Canadian resident Gerald Muswagon won $10 Million. That’s a lot by today’s standards, so twenty years ago you can imagine how far that would have stretched. Gerald however, was a party animal and rather than spending wisely and investing, he instead chose to lavish his friends and family with expensive gifts like cars and homes, and throw incredibly decadent parties. His luxury mansion became a party pad and it didn’t take long for the money to run out. Gerald was forced to go back to working a minimum wage job so as to support his girlfriend and his six children. In 2005, Gerald took his own life.