Tales of Euromillions and Lottery Tragedy

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If there was one guaranteed way of improving your life dramatically, surely it would be winning the jackpot of the Euromillions, or indeed, any other lottery offering a half-decent payout. However, as you’re about to learn today, winning the big one when playing the lottery isn’t always guaranteed to make your life better. They say that money can’t buy you happiness, and after reading this article, you’ll understand why that saying came about. Here are a few tales of Euromillions and Lottery tragedy.

Jack Whittaker

Back in December 2002, in the US, in West Virginia to be exact, a 55-year old man by the name of Andrew “Jack” Whittaker, purchased a Powe-rball lottery ticket on his way home from work. Amazingly, Jack won $315 Million. Surely then, this would be life-changing? Not really, as Jack was already a multi-millionaire, worth close to $20 Million. Despite this, he was still very generous, and donated millions to charities, and he even purchased the cashier who served him his winning-ticket, a brand-new home, a Dodge-Ram truck, and $50,000 in cash. Sadly, Whittaker had his demons and he drank heavily, gambled profusely, and would waste his money in strip clubs. He had hundreds of thousands stolen from him, he faced countless legal challenges in court, and eventually the money started to run out. Unfortunately, his granddaughter and her partner died of drug overdoses shortly after, and sadly the money soon ran out. When interviewed by reporters, Jack burst into tears and stated that he wished he’d torn the winning ticket into pieces.

Keith Gough

Back in the UK, a man named Keith Gough and his wife, Louise, won the jackpot in 2005. They won around £9 Million. Keith and Louise weren’t huge spenders, they purchased a nice new house, a new car, and a few luxuries here and there, but they certainly made sure they invested wisely and had plenty left over. Keith however, quit his job as a baker, and found himself bored at home, not knowing what to do with himself. He began drinking heavily. Louise left him in 2007, and Keith entered rehab. Sadly, while inside, Keith met up with a conman who convinced him to go into business with him, and subsequently ripped Keith off to the tune of close to one million pounds! Keith sadly passed away in 2007 from a heart attack, which doctors believe was brought on by heavy drinking and stress.

William Post III

In 1988, William Post III won $16.2 on the Lottery in Pennsylvania. He opted for annual payments rather than the lump sum, as ironically, he thought this would make the money easier to manage. After receiving his first annual instalment of $500,000, he blew two thirds of it in the space of two weeks. He purchased a restaurant, a used-car garage, and an aeroplane. Three months later, his $500,000 was gone, and he owed a further $500,000 in debts. Post’s own brother even hired a hitman to try to kill him, presumably so he could claim the money for himself. He was scammed out of hundreds of thousands, and was even arrested for firing a gun at a debt collector. A few years later it was all gone, except for the $2.46 post had left in his bank. Despite this, Post claimed that he had been much happier when he was ‘broke’. He sadly passed away in 2006, aged 66.