Euromillions and Lottery Horror Stories

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We all dream of one day winning the Euromillions lottery and nabbing ourselves a cool few million pounds, don’t we? Of course we do, that was a rhetorical question. While our chances of winning are slim, we’ve still as much of a chance as anyone else. Lotteries are played in countries all over the world, and the vast majority of jackpot winners of previous draws will almost certainly have never in their wildest dreams dreamt of actually winning. But what happens when fantasy becomes reality and you win? Well, it’s not always plain sailing. There are people out there whose dream lottery and Euromillions wins have become nightmares. Here are some Euromillions and lottery horror stories that will make your blood run cold.

Tonda Lynn Dickson’s story

Tonda Lynn Dickson was a waffle house waitress working for minimum wage in the USA when she won the lottery. Tonda was informed she’s won $10 Million and was over the moon. So too were her colleagues. Why? Because apparently when they all purchased the tickets together, they had all agreed to split the winnings evenly. Whether true or not, Tonda kept the money and her colleagues tried to sue her, and lost. Then her boss tried doing the same as apparently she had promised him a new truck. He lost too. She decided to try to protect her assets and set up a corporation with her family. She gifted her family shares of the corporation, but failed to pay taxes on it. Now the IRS came for her and she had to pay around $1 Million in taxes, just for trying to protect her assets. Money does strange things to people.


Jeffrey’s story

Sticking in the USA, we now have Jeffrey Dampier. Jeffrey won $20 Million on the lottery and decided to create his very own gourmet popcorn business with the funds. He also bough gifts for his family and friends, including his sister-in-law, a woman named Victoria Jackson. Naught Jeffrey however, had been having a secret affair with Victoria. One day Victoria and her boyfriend at the time, tied Jeffrey up and robbed him at gunpoint. Things took a tragic turn when Victoria’s boyfriend aimed the gun at her and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t shoot Jeffrey. She did, and killed him. She and her boyfriend were arrested and found guilty of murder and were sentenced to three life sentences.


Callie’s story

Callie rogers was just 16 years of age when she won just shy of £1.9 Million on the lottery. She left her job working for minimum wage, and started to splash the cash. She spent thousands on plastic surgery, hundreds of thousands of pounds on gifts to a former boyfriend, a quarter of a million holidays, and hundreds of thousands on partying, alcohol, and drugs. Not long afterwards, from that £1.9 Million jackpot win, Callie had just £2000 left in the bank. She had blown everything and was so depressed she tried to take her own life. She did manage to take back control of her life and is now training to become a nurse, while raising three children.