Practical Tips for Euromillions Winners

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If you thought a rollover jackpot for the lottery was exciting, just wait until the next Euromillions rollover, then you’ll really see what exciting is. The Euromillions is of course played all across Europe, so your odds of winning are reduced, but if you do win you stand to win some seriously impressive money. We’re not just talking a couple of million pounds, we’re potentially talking hundreds of millions of pounds. While winning is a fairy tale for some, the last thing you want if you do become a winner, is for your fairy-tale to become a nightmare. As great as winning the Euromillions will be, there are still things you need to do to ensure that things run smoothly. Here are several practical tips for Euromillions winners.

Keep that ticket safe for goodness sake

Want to discover the stuff that pure nightmares are made of? If so then just imagine winning several million pounds on the Euromillions, only to find that you’ve somehow lost your ticket before you had chance to cash it in and claim your prize. If you happen to win the jackpot, do whatever it takes to keep that ticket safe, no matter what.


Don’t spread the news right away

If you can imagine checking the results of the Euromillions draw, only to find that you have the winning ticket, one of the first things you will want to do is call your friends and family to tell them the great news. However, you should resist this for several reasons. One of which is that you may want to wait until the money is in your account and finalized before you tell everybody, and the second reason is that some people may try guilt-tripping you into giving them money or bombarding you with requests for money. It sounds harsh, but greed does strange things to some people.


Consult a financial advisor

Unless you’re very fortunate, there’s a chance that you’ve never had that amount of money before, and you may know what to do with it. For example, rather than just put it in the bank, you may wish to invest it, or start your own company perhaps? A financial advisor will give you practical advice on where to put your money and invest it wisely so as to protect you and your loved ones for the future. There are horror stories of people winning millions and blowing the lot on superficial items like sports cars, mansions, and even yachts, and ending up in losing everything and in more debt than they were before they won. A financial advisor is there to ensure that never happens to you.


Take the lump sum

When you win, you will be given the choice of having everything all at once, or taking it as an annuity over the years. It is however, always recommended that you take the lump sum so as to avoid potential changes in taxes, rules, or regulations. Besides which, nobody knows what the future may hold, so it is best to have your money in one lump sum, and figure out what to do with it after.